The Standard Jewel: 3 Carat Oval Natural Diamond Ring


Real diamonds do not fade and when it comes to the engagement rings an oval natural diamond, 3 carat engagement ring is for eternity. Not only does this gorgeous item represent the couple’s love that will withstand the test of time, but it is an eye catcher as well. Whether one is in search of a suitable engagement ring or a splendid piece, having the right facts about a 3 carat oval natural diamond is rather crucial. This is the ultimate guide that will help you understand everything you need to know about this beautiful gemstone from choosing and purchasing to how to maintain it.

Why Select a 3 Carat Oval Natural Diamond Ring 

The Enchantment of Round Diamonds

I have found some oval shaped diamonds to be the best for those people who want elegance with a touch of the contemporary. The oval form of this diamond makes the overall appearance of the jewel look much larger and, at the same time, more sparkling compared to round diamonds of the same weight. This shape also contributes to the desirability of the ring since it kind of offers more extension to the fingers, making the fingers, especially the finger on which the ring sits, look longer and slimmer.

Significance of 3 Carats

A 3 carat diamond is just right to show and to shine yet is not too big that its bearer would have issues with everyday wear. It also has to be large enough so that people would notice it, but not that large so people would not be able to wear it daily. The carat weight is also a factor which defines a diamond and a 3 carat diamond therefore is quite expensive.

Understanding the 4Cs: 


Political leaders have maintained that the cut of a diamond is one of the most important factors that can help in the determination of brilliance. Because this cut is oval, it should be done to the excellent standard in order to create a brilliant lustre all around the stone. Their cross-sectional shapes must be some sort of mirror images of each other, and preferably the depths and table percentages should be as close to optimal for mirror imaging since reflecting as much light as possible is the aim.


Diamond colour grades can be from D which is completely colourless to Z, slightly yellow or brown fleeted. When buying a 3 carat oval cut diamond, buying a stone ranging from the D-G colour grade will give the stone a near-colourless look. There is a possibility that oval can show the colour better than round shapes thus it is advised to go for a higher colour grade.


The grading of the internal characteristics of the diamond to do with clarity therefore comes with inclusions or blemishes within the stone. In this case, they go on to indicate that in the case of a 3 carat diamond, the clarity level should be at least VS1 or what is termed as Very Slightly Included. This makes sure any inclusions does not mar the look of the diamond and is thus invisible to the bare eyes.


Fluorescence tells the body’s reaction to the diamond when light is directed on it while carat weight is the measure of size. That is a 3 carat diamond, and it is noticeable; it gives quite an audacious appearance. While shopping for a 3 carat diamond, it’s important to think through other 3Cs to achieve the best look of the diamond.

Choosing the Perfect Setting

Solitaire Setting

Given that the jewel is a 3 carat oval diamond, a solitaire setting caters for the design. This style is universal and is preferred by many ladies since it does not have anything detracting attention from the diamond.

Halo Setting

For the halo setting, there is a ring of small diamonds surrounding the central gem to make it appear larger and shinier. This setting enhances the shining of this stone even more and can make a 3 carat diamond seem like a much bigger stone.

Three-Stone Setting

A three stone setting symbolically symbolises the three stages in life; either the past, the present, and the future. This commonly employs a central large stone accompanied by two smaller stones in order to give a good balance and meaningful look.

Vintage Setting

As for the lovers of historical atmosphere, a vintage look has a great many of details and a rather nontrivial concept. Such environments may have designs such as the filigree work, milgrain edges and other enhancements that give the ring personality.

How to Care for Your Ring

Regular Cleaning

Many people are proud owners of diamond rings, as such, it is vital to keep that ring shining; you can do this by often washing it. To remove dirt and oil on the fabrics, one can use a solution consisting of mild soap and warm water. Cleaning the mount and diamond involves using a soft toothbrush to make brushing movements mainly on the setting.

Professional Maintenance

Take your ring to a jeweller for assessment and sparkling at least once every two years. A jeweller is able to look for signs of loose prongs, worn out settings or any other thing that can compromise the security of your diamond.

Safe Storage

Ensure that, in case you are not wearing your 3 carat oval natural diamond ring, you store it in a soft pocket or in a lined box for jewellery. This saves it from getting scratched or damaged in any way, since it is subjected to concealment from dust and other debris.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Take off your ring in areas where chemicals are used or when doing activities that may harm your ring. Many chemicals can damage the piece of jewellery including bleach and chlorine as they are known to degrade the metal and hence lessen the brilliance of the diamond.


For women, a 3 carat oval natural diamond ring is one of the best and expensive pieces that any lady would wish to have. With knowledge about 4Cs, selecting the right environment, and applying ideas of experts in purchase, it is possible to find a ring that will fit you to the bracelet. Properly cared and cleaned diamond jewellery will maintain its shine as the newly bought one for several years. Whether it is a proposal, an anniversary or even a surprise, a 3 carat oval diamond ring is amongst the best gifts one can receive.

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